About Us

Wander is a global marketplace enabling you to shop direct from a curated selection of premium independent brands, in a single-cart experience.

Discover The Undiscovered 

We search the world for premium, independent brands so you can seamlessly discover and shop their collections, from one single location.

Highly Curated Selection

Each brand and product is hand selected for its quality, values and aesthetic - ensuring they fit seamlessly within our brand collective and are the perfect match for our woman and her lifestyle.

Save with Combined Shipping

By enabling you to shop direct from a range of global brands in a single-cart experience, you can avoid multiple shipping charges by paying just one flat fee on your order.

For example, if you purchased 3 items direct from 3 brands and they were based in Luxembourg, the USA and New Zealand -you would pay on average A$90 total in shipping.

With Wander, to purchase the same 3 items from the same 3 brands, you'd pay either A$10 on orders under A$150, or pay nothing on orders A$150 and above.

You can find out more about our shipping policy by clicking here.

Direct To You

All products are lovingly wrapped, packed and fulfilled direct to you from the brand themselves. If you place an order for 3 items, from 3 brands - you'll receive 3 deliveries. However, with Wander, you'll still only pay one single shipping charge.

Our Why

Wander was founded by London-born and Sydney-based digital brand consultant, Emily Inglis.

Emily Inglis Wander

She says, "The Wander marketplace was born out of the desire to discover and shop unique products in a way that had the intimate feel of Etsy, but the elevated aesthetic of Net-A-Porter.

I realised that there was no such platform that met my needs and in the same breath - whilst there were alternative marketplace options for independent brands - they so often lacked a premium experience.

So I began to explore how to bring the concept to life, leveraging my decade of experience building and running brands across the tech and fashion verticals.

The biggest discovery has not only been finding such incredible brands but the opportunity that Wander creates for these inspiring entrepreneurs; enabling them to grow their businesses by connecting them to new customers on a global scale."